SinoNova Hospitality LTD., was established in 2005. It is a registered BVI company with headquarters in Hong Kong and subsidiary offices in Shanghai and Honolulu, Hawaii. SinoNova Hospitality LTD. is wholly owned by SinoNova Holdings LTD. BVI.

Its purpose is to cater to the growing demand in Mainland China for a knowledgeable and intuitive hotel consultancy and a domestic based International Standard Hotel Management Company. Being based in Shanghai allows us the advantage of being in one of the most rapidly developing and vibrant cities in the world. It also allows our team of experts to share our expertise with hotel developers, operators and the tourism and leisure industry.

SinoNova is a team of highly experienced hospitality professionals with a combined 100 plus years of global expertise.  We can help position your business to be at the forefront of this dynamic market place. Our expertise is in Hotel Development, Branding, Re-Branding, Pre and Post openings, Refurbishments, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Training and all matters associated with and including Hotel/Asset management.

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