Mystery Shopper Service
We assist our clients with achieving top-of-the-line guest service through our food service mystery shopper services. We provide analysis through Mystery Shopping and Compliance Evaluations, This helps you maximize guest perception, manage regulatory compliance, safety, loss prevention, and brand representation.

Why is the Food Service Mystery Shopper Valuable?

Your guests are first priority, We understand the expectations you place on your staff and how these expectations directly influence guests’ opinions. When you provide a positive guest experience, you protect brand reputation, incent and retain good employees, enhance customer loyalty and ultimately increase revenues. Shopping offers immediate as well as long term benefits and you can customize your program to gather the data most beneficial to your operational needs.

A Well-rounded Program

Customer Service
We evaluate your business from the moment a reservation is made, to arrival and to departure. We specifically look for those things that turn a good visit into a great one.

Cleanliness, Comfort, and Visual Appeal
Our mystery shoppers evaluate restaurants and bars, meeting space and public areas.

Safety and Security
Our Site Evaluations can also measure the staff’s compliance with your corporation’s policies and procedures for safety, security, and loss prevention throughout the property.

Brand Representation
We are able to customize an evaluation program that provides the data and analytics necessary to ensure that each property in the chain is operating consistently with brand standards.

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